The data sets marked with V1 were selected and digitized by Yves Scherrer between 2009 and 2012. A total of 216 working maps were extracted from the Sprachatlas der deutschen Schweiz (SDS), the linguistic atlas of German-speaking Switzerland. The maps are grouped in the following subsets:

Hans Goebl, Yves Scherrer & Pavel Smečka (2013): Kurzbericht über die Dialektometrisierung des Gesamtnetzes des „Sprachatlasses der deutschen Schweiz“ (SDS). In: Karina Schneider-Wiejowski, Birte Kellermeier-Rehbein, Jakob Haselhuber (eds.): Vielfalt, Variation und Stellung der deutschen Sprache [Festschrift für Ulrich Ammon], 153-176, De Gruyter.


The data sets marked with V2 originate from the Master's thesis by Sandra Kellerhals (University of Zurich). Thereby, the V1 data were completed, some additional SDS maps were digitized, and new material from the SADS project (Syntaktischer Atlas der deutschen Schweiz / Syntactic Atlas of German-speaking Switzerland) was added. This resulted in a total of 343 working maps:

The integration of SDS and SADS data required the use of a common inquiry point network. Instead of the 565 SDS inquiry points on Swiss territory, we only use 378 inquiry points here, for which SDS as well as SADS data are available.

Sandra Kellerhals (2014): Dialektometrische Analyse und Visualisierung von schweizerdeutschen Dialekten auf verschiedenen linguistischen Ebenen. Master's thesis, Department of Geography, University of Zurich. PDF (16.4 MB)


The data sets marked with V3 contain additional SDS maps digitized by Roy Weiss. The syntax material is based on a new selection of SADS maps by Philipp Stoeckle. V3 contains a total number of 350 working maps, which are grouped in the following subsets:

As for V2, we use the 377 inquiry points shared by SDS and SADS.

Yves Scherrer & Philipp Stoeckle. A quantitative approach to Swiss German – Dialectometric analyses and comparisons of linguistic levels. Dialectologia et Geolinguistica, 24(1), 92-125.